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Benefits and side effects of laser hair removal

5, January, 2023

Benefits and side effects of laser hair removal

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Are you also tired of shaving and waxing your unwanted hair? Technological advances have led to the popularity of several cosmetic procedures that can help with hair removal.

Laser hair removal is a popular method with more permanent results than other techniques. The global laser removal market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 16.7% between 2021 and 2028.

For most people, getting hair removal done through laser treatment is safe. It can help remove unwanted hair permanently or for more extended periods.

However, learning about the associated benefits and side effects is vital before embarking on the process. The global market for hair removal via laser was measured at $ 583.99 in 2021.

The market will only flourish in time, so it becomes crucial to know in-depth before jumping on the trend.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

If you are looking for benefits, you are most likely planning to book your first session.
It is essential to understand that all these treatments have varied utility and may differ from one person to another.

The hair removal process is a technique to remove unwanted hair from the face and body. Laser light, or a beam of concentrated light, targets the hair follicles.

 The hair will not grow for an extended period after the laser treatment. The procedure usually targets the melanin of the hair. The benefits of laser hair treatment are scientifically proven. 

Here are some benefits that can be achieved with the treatment at facilities like RSB Wellness.
laser hair removal

Fast Procedure

It is a quick process; each session can be as small as twenty minutes. The time consumed is highly dependent on the target size. For example, removing your back hair will take more time than your upper lips.

Long Lasting Results

The results of laser hair removal are long-lasting. Other hair removal methods like waxing and shaving result in hair growth in a shorter period. The hair comes back in a few weeks or days in certain instances.

However, hair removed via laser will not come back for months and sometimes years. Additionally, the hair will be less coarse. For some people, the hair may go permanently.

Precise and Exact

The procedure will be performed accurately and precisely when you opt for a reliable facility like RSB Wellness.

The unwanted hair will be precisely targeted with the beams. The facility will ensure that the surrounding tissues and cells remain unharmed.

No Pain

You will feel a quick hot sensation when the laser passes from one area of the skin to another. It is way less painful than any other hair removal treatment. Waxing may leave the sensitive area in pain but not laser beams.

Laser has developed much over the years and is still improving. The latest laser will not cause any discomfort or pain. So you can leave the clinic pain-free after each session.

Toned and Smooth Skin

One of the most significant benefits of laser hair removal is that it will leave your skin smoother and silkier. It will also help enhance your muscle tone and how your skin appears.

Reliable Technique

It is a reliable procedure for people with large amounts of hair. Women with polycystic ovary issues or hormonal imbalances can opt for the treatment.

Consistent treatments can be expensive for large hair. At the same time, laser removal will give effective and long-lasting results.


Once you start laser removal, you no longer have to spend money on costly wax sessions and depilatory creams. The upfront laser cost may sound too much initially.

However, when you sit and compare, having no hair for months can save money in the long run. Not only that, but also one can save time on waxing and shaving.

Minimal Side Effects

There are minimal or no side effects associated with laser hair removal. Even if the side effects occur, they last for a few days.

Apart from the above benefits, others include no-ingrown hair, no more waiting for hair growth to get waxed, safe and non-invasive, low maintenance, reduced body odour, etc.

Side Effects of Laser Hair Treatment

Side effects caused by laser treatment are usually rare and minor. They are temporary and disappear quickly. In case of lasting ones, contact the clinic immediately. Here are some laser hair removal side effects.

Irritation and Redness

The laser beam targets the hair follicles and may leave the affected area with redness and irritation. The skin may appear slightly swollen and tender.

It looks similar to the skin after waxing or plucking. Irritation should usually ease after a few hours of the treatment.

Change in Skin Colour

Some people notice a slight change in the skin colour of the treated area. It might get slightly lighter or darker, depending on the skin type.

People with lighter skin experience darker pigmentation, and people with darker colour witness lighter pigmentation changes.


Some people also experience crusting in the treated area. It might be a minor effect, but it can be inconvenient. It can result in scarring and scabbing if not paid attention to.

Using a good moisturizer may dissolve long-lasting issues. Remember to consult your specialist at RSB Wellness Clinic before using any products.

Skin Infection

An infection risk might be possible if the procedure is not done appropriately. It is suggested to report any infection signs immediately to the clinic.

Minimal Side Effects

Rare laser hair removal side effects are burns and blisters. They occur when the technique is not performed correctly.

When performed by a skilled facility like RSB Wellness, the side effects are rare. The application of a cooling device after the laser can help with burns.

Bottom Line

Most people who have undergone laser hair treatment recommend it as safe and well-tolerated. There are hardly any long-term effects associated with the treatment.

Laser for hair removal costs may vary from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3000 for each session. The price factors are laser type, skin type, target area, number of sessional required, hair texture, etc.

If you are looking forward to getting laser removal for your hair, it is best to contact RSB Wellness. Laser hair therapy is effective. It may not result in permanent hair removal but helps with significantly reduced hair growth.

The number of sessions required will depend on your treatment goals. There are several myths about laser removal causing cancer or infertility.

However, it is a safe and effective technique that is popular across the entire globe. About 90-95% of individuals in India who undergo the treatment receive satisfactory results. So, contact us for safe and effective hair removal via laser.

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