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Quick Guide to Medi facials - A Revolutionary Approach to Skin Care

4, December, 2021

Quick Guide to Medi facials - A Revolutionary Approach to Skin Care

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Quick Guide to Medi facials:

Medi facial is short form of medical facial, it's a skin expert-supervised facial treatment that is evidence-based. It uses scientifically-proven ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), vitamins, antioxidants, and certain special bio-active agents to restore, rejuvenate, repair, and treat skin conditions that are aesthetically challenging. Medi-facials provide instant and long-lasting results when sought from trained cosmetologists and skin-experts. They are safe, suitable for both men and women, and address a wide range of skin conditions.

In this quick guide to medi facials, we take a quick look at Medi-facials and their myriad benefits.

How are Medi-facials different from regular facials?

A Medi-facial is quite different from a regular facial. It is an enhanced treatment with specific goals to repair, rejuvenate, and treat your skin. It improves your skin’s underlying health, and is not limited to mere pampering like a normal facial.

Regular facials nourish and rejuvenate your skin but do not treat underlying conditions nor provide lasting results. Their effects and results are only skin deep, pun intended. Medi-facials, on the other hand, penetrate your dermis where healing and repairing take place at a deeper level.
Quick Guide to Medi Facials
In short, a Medi-facial is a prescription-strength treatment delivered in the comfort and convenience of a salon. These facials are administered by trained professionals such as cosmetologists and skin experts to address scars, sun damage, skin sports, acne, broken capillaries and signs of aging.

What are the benefits of a Medi-facial?

A Medi-facial results in an even skin tone and texture, and an increased ability of your skin to produce collagen. Consequently, the elasticity of your skin improves, reducing the effects of the aging process. These facials may also treat many underlying aesthetic conditions. 
Medi-facials are customized to each individual’s problems, and a careful and planned approach ensures enduring results that continue to protect your skin.
Immediate results - These medical proven treatments deliver instant results that continue to heal your skin from within
Prescription-strength treatments - Potency of chosen ingredients are determined by experienced skin-experts.
Target specific dermatological issues - Unlike regular facials, Medi-facials help treat long-standing dermatological conditions such as acne, wrinkles, sun damaged skin, etc.
Absolutely safe and gentle - Medi-facials are easy on your skin, and have no post-treatment downtime. Mild side effects such as redness or itching, if they occur at all, subside rapidly. Medi-Facials can be safely administered even during pregnancy and lactation.
Long-lasting and enduring results - Regular Medi-facials every 4-6 weeks help achieve enduring results that last for a long time.

Types of Medi-facials

There are different kinds of Medi-facials of which three are immensely popular:
Hydra Medi-facials - This pain-free treatment gently cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates your skin to achieve a glowing and plumped effect. It resurfaces your skin and helps reduce the appearance of fine-wrinkles, blackheads, and blemishes. It may need to be repeated every 4-6 weeks in order to maintain the dewy-look it achieves. Check out more on Hydra Medi Facial in Mumbai & Thane
MSB - My Skin Buddy is an ingenious device that lends itself to intensive skin care treatments. An MSB facial achieves clearer complexion and a youthful appearance in four easy steps.
•  The device combines the power of 8500+ ultrasonic vibrations per minute to deliver mini massages that have a lifting and firming effect on your skin.
•  MSB facials use thermal heat to improve circulation and extract impurities from your skin to achieve natural oxygenation and plumping.
•  LED therapy to reduce inflammation, fine lines, and wrinkles
•  Positive and negative ions to balance the process of extracting impurities from skin pores, while replenishing with nourishing agents.
Fire and Ice Facial - An intensive clinical treatment that combines multiple steps to cleanse, resurface, and moisturize skin. Skin care experts swear by its ability to encourage cellular renewal and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It resurfaces your skin to make it smoother and more supple.
The “fire” part of the facial causes a mild burning sensation due to the active ingredients in the facial: niacin, retinol, botanical acids, kaolin clay, and certain other components.
The “ice” part of the facial helps rehydrate your skin with the help of aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, rosemary and green tea extract, etc.

Cost of Medi-facials

Medi-facial treatments are customized to address specific skin concerns. A basic Medi-facial treatment may start at Rs. 3,000/- per sitting, but prices may vary depending on the ingredients used to address individual issues. For a more specific quote, contact our skin professionals today. Click the link to know more about Cost of MediFacial in Mumbai & Thane.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Medi-facials?
Medi-facials are skin expert-supervised facial treatments that address specific skin concerns. These facials use prescription-grade ingredients to safely and gently treat aesthetic concerns. Medi-facials are safe and quick, and provide enduring results.
What problems can Medi-facials treat?
Medi-facials address a number of aesthetic and dermatological conditions such as acne, signs of aging, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damaged skin, inflammation, and broken capillaries. For a clear answer, speak to one of our professionals today.
What are the most popular Medi-facials?
The most popular Medi-facial treatments are Hydra Medi-facials, My Skin Buddy treatments, and Fire and Ice Facials.
Are they safe during pregnancies or if I am suffering from certain health conditions?
Medi-facials are safe during pregnancies and lactation. However, if you have any pre-existing conditions such as allergies or sensitivities, please inform our specialists.
Is there any downtime post-treatment?
Medi-facials are quick and easy, and pose zero downtime. These salon-based treatments can be a relaxing experience themselves, and you will be ready to get back to your routine immediately.

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