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Botox Treatment

BOTOX Treatment for Sweat Removal

Botox is predominantly used for treatment of signs of aging. Many people go through high underarm sweating problem and are not able to eradicate the same. There are sweat glands which stimulate sweat in armpit. So a small injection of Botox, occludes the chemical signal which activates sweats.

Botulinum toxin is made by the neurotoxin, the mechanism of the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. Substance’s neurotoxins affect the structure or function of the nervous system.

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Botox adapts the function of certain neurotransmitters. These chemicals which are present in the body instruct the body to react in a certain way. This Botox injection blocks the neurotransmitter that allows the sweat glands to activate to control sweating in the injection area.

Benefits of Botox treatment for Underarm sweating

Benefits of Botox treatment for Underarm sweating
A single treatment is required for maximum results
Treatment takes only 15-30 minutes
The effect of the injection lasts for six months on average
Botox does not destroy Sweat Glands
Botox injections can be used on the hands and feet sweating
So, you don’t need to spend your summer carefully planning the color you wear because of excessive sweating! To be dry this summer, learn more about this procedure, or schedule a consultation, give RSB Wellness a call in Mumbai, Thane.

Botox treatment for Anti-Aging

Are you young at heart but all wrinkled up? So, it’s the correct time you should look to cosmetic resurgence techniques that can precisely reflect the youthful spirit that you are. These Anti-wrinkle injections are called Botox injections, which contain a natural, purified protein that relaxes dynamic wrinkle-causing muscles, creating a reawakening appearance. So, to give you the right solution to this problem, you can contact RSB Wellness.

These Botox injections can be used to lighten particular facial muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles. Thus, the lines slowly and steadily flatten, and new lines are prevented from forming.

Benefits of Botox treatment for Anti-aging

Increases Skin Elasticity
Fights Winkle Formation

Botox Treatment for Jawline

The first impression is your facial contour. An edged jawline can give a face the structure it needs and help you look strong and healthy. And in the present era of presenting ourselves on social media with selfies, we spend much of our time analyzing our facial structure and improving our appearance. But due to genetics or body weight, some faces never have a well-defined jawline, and also, due to aging, our chiselled look changes.

Botox injections can lift your jawline and convert the appearance of people with receding chin. An overactive mentalis muscle bestows to a weakened and injections act on nerves to lighten muscles and prevent them from contracting.

Benefits of Botox treatment for Jawline

Botox can partially relax your masseter muscles
Botox slims the jawline
This procedure can relieve pain/teeth grinding
If you are keen on improving the appearance of your facial contour, RSB Wellness in Mumbai and Thane, is your first step. Here professionals will guide you to achieve your goal.

Botox Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

In medical language Hyperhidrosis is referred to as unpredictable and excessive sweating through person body. People can even sweat when they are at rest! Sweating can be through underarms, hands and feet. In most cases no cause can be found but it can be hereditary link.

Usually, Botox injections are used for cosmetic treatment for wrinkles, but it is also used to manage hyperhidrosis. These injections block the nerves that stimulate your sweat glands. Dermatologists use toxin A for excessive searing on the hands and feet.

Cost of Botox Treatment in Mumbai & Thane

The cost of Botox Treatment in Mumbai and thane starts at ₹300 per unit. The overall costing depends on the no. of units required for the treatment.

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