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Semi Permanent Make-up


Semi permanent makeup helps you achieve a made-up look without spending any time in front of the mirror. In addition, it eliminates the need to remove makeup before going to bed. Semi-permanent makeup is also known as cosmetic tattooing, micro pigmentation, and micro-needling. Regardless of the name, the process involves injecting your dermal layers with small amounts of the desired pigment. The procedure works astonishingly well for thickening and shaping eyebrows, and adding eyeliners and lip liners. While semi-permanent makeup helps you enliven your face for a prolonged period, you can also use it to hide scars and other minor imperfections on your skin. Both men and women can safely use semi-permanent makeup to add glamor to their looks.

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How Does Semi Permanent Makeup Work?

Semi-permanent makeup is a type of cosmetic tattooing that lasts for a relatively long time. It uses pharmaceutical-grade pigments to create aesthetic effects that gradually fade over time.

To create the appearance of makeup and foundation, aestheticians inject pigments carefully between the dermis and the epidermis using delicate micro-needles.

The aesthetician works on your eyebrows, eyelashes, lips, and other areas of your choice. Aestheticians ensure that the results are closer to looking fresh and enlivened instead of being heavily made up.

This gives customers the option to add actual makeup on extraordinary occasions. The results last for a considerable time, after which they slowly fade away. This ensures that customers do not have to consider having permanent makeup removed later, as many choose to remove permanent tattoos.

Semi Permanent Make-up

Benefits of Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi-permanent makeup produces results that resemble makeup without wearing and removing makeup products. You can use semi-permanent makeup to create eye-lining, enhanced eyebrows, made-up lips, and tattoo removal. It can also disguise scars and improve the appearance of vitiligo and other dermatological conditions. Most importantly, it enlivens skin when it begins to appear dull and dehydrated.

For example, BB Glow is a form of semi-permanent makeup that injects pigments and uses micro-needling to create a foundation-like effect. It is used to hide scars, improve skin texture, and mask the appearance of fine lines and signs of aging. As some people do not apply makeup correctly, semi-permanent makeup can be a reassuring option. For others, it saves time and money spent on products.

For many others, semi-permanent makeup is a safe and hygienic alternative to allergy-causing makeup products. Some of the benefits of semi-permanent makeup are:
Reduce time and money spent on applying and removing makeup
Achieve a more professionally made-up look
Eliminate allergic reactions to makeup products
Lasts for many months
Add real makeup on top of semi-permanent makeup on special occasions
Hides scars, vitiligo marks, and other dermatological conditions
Semi Permanent Make-up

Cost of Semi Permanent Makeup in Mumbai & Thane

The cost of semi permanent makeup can greatly vary depending on the desired outcomes and the number of areas treated. The price of semi-permanent makeup in Mumbai and Thane begins at ₹

Why Choose Us

Medically safe pigments that are hypoallergenic
Trained aestheticians who create an enhanced but near-natural look
Meticulous approach towards shading, coloring, and shaping of eyebrows, eyelashes, and lips
Experienced doctors and skin care specialists who can mask skin conditions like vitiligo
We put your safety and comfort first over everything else
Step-by-step instructions for post-treatment healing

Some of  Our Happy Client's Remark

  • I had naturally thin eyebrows, which made me self-conscious. I found it tiresome to use eyebrow pencils everyday to enhance my brows. Semi-permanent makeup helped me forget about doing my brows every morning.
    Noorie Ahmad
  • Semi-permanent foundation, also known as BB Glow, is my true savior. Earlier, I applied layers of concealers and foundation to hide imperfections. Semi-permanent foundation has helped me to avoid overusing makeup products. And I look ravishing!
    Julia Lobo
  • I had areas of discoloration right from childhood. I often used concealers to mask my hypopigmented areas, but I was not very skilled at that. Semi permanent makeup helped me to forget my imperfections and embrace life as it is.
    Akash Kumar


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